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Analysis: Four things we learned from Spain's Matchday 17******

MADRID, Dec. 13 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid's win at home to Atletico Madrid in the city derby on Sunday night means that Carlo Ancelotti's side have effectively knocked the reigning Champions out of the title race, while Real Sociedad have also fallen by the wayside and FC Barcelona are in danger of humiliation. Here are some things we learned in LaLiga this weekend.。

1 Firepower makes all of the difference for Real Madrid。

Real Madrid's 2-0 win at home to Atletico Madrid leaves Atletico 13 points off the top of the table and effectively out of the title race and it is hard to see who can now mount anything like a successful pursuit of Real Madrid at the top of LaLiga.。

Once again Real Madrid's firepower and a series of saves from Thibaut Courtois made the difference in a game where Atletico had more than twice as many shots on target as Real Madrid, only to be frustrated by a man who used to play for them, while at the other end Vinicius set up Karim Benzema and Marco Asensio for clinical finishes.。

Real Madrid continue to give their rivals' chances before breaking their hearts and LaLiga is clearly theirs to lose, perhaps the big problems will come in Europe, where their rivals won't be quite as forgiving.。

2 Barcelona's new start looks like the same old story。

FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez said after his side's painful exit from the Champions League on Wednesday that it marked the start of a new period at the club, but Sunday's 2-2 draw away to Osasuna looked like the same old story.。

Xavi once again gave starts to youngsters Gavi, Nico Gonzalez and Abde Ezzalzouli, with the last two scoring his side's goal. Samuel Umtiti also made his first start of the season as the coach struggled with a long injury list, while summer signing Eric Garcia was again on the bench.。

The youngsters scored, but Barca never looked secure and it was no surprise when 'Chimy' Avila leveled for Osasuna with 10 minutes to play. Xavi may be looking for a new start, but with his current squad and a long injury list any change will have to be slow。

3 Real Sociedad running out of steam。

Real Sociedad were leaders in LaLiga just a month ago, but a run of just one point in four games has seen their title hopes evaporate and their current state was highlighted with a painful 4-0 defeat to Betis on Sunday evening.。

Betis sit third in the table after four consecutive wins and with striker Juanmi, who used to play for Real Sociedad, in arguably the best form of his career, they brushed past their rivals.。

A tough Europa League group stage and a busy fixture list looks to have taken its toll on Real Sociedad, who have a difficult cup game in Zamora on Wednesday before facing an improving Villarreal next weekend in LaLiga.。

4 Goals win matches, just ask Athletic Club...。

Athletic Club Bilbao fans are still shaking their heads in wonder at how their side lost at home to Sevilla on Saturday after peppering the Sevilla goal (especially in the first half), hitting the post twice and seeing several guilt-edged chances go begging.。

Saturday was a repeat of Athletic's season, and despite plenty of solid performances, the Basque side have scored just 13 goals in 17 games, with just four in their last 8 games. After Saturday they have had 56 shots without scoring, with just two goals in their last 99 shots, of which 25 were on target.。

No matter how well you play, if the ball doesn't go into the net, it's impossible to win. Enditem。










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Hamburg welcomes 1st China******


China-Europe freight train "Shanghai Express" is seen in Hamburg, Germany, on Tuesday. The first "Shanghai Express," carrying 50 containers loaded with apparel, auto parts and solar panels, traveled more than 10,000km before arriving in northern Germany late on Monday.

The first fully loaded China-Europe freight train arrived from Shanghai, China's economic hub, in the northern German city of Hamburg on Tuesday, further expanding the rail services between Europe and Asia amid the global logistics disruption.

The first "Shanghai Express," carrying 50 containers loaded with apparel, auto parts and solar panels, traveled more than 10,000km before arriving in northern Germany late on Monday.

Initially, one train per week will operate, but the service is planned to be extended in the future.

The China-Europe freight trains traveling along 73 routes have reached more than 170 cities in 23 European countries, since it was launched in 2011.

China-Europe freight train trips have gained robust growth momentum since the start of 2021, with the total number surging 32 percent year-on-year to reach 10,030 by the end of August, two months earlier than last year, data from the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. showed.

At the DUSS transshipment terminal in Hamburg, the welcome ceremony was attended by Wang Wei, deputy consul general of the People's Republic of China in Hamburg, and Michael Westhagemann, Hamburg's senator for economic affairs.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the signing of a partner city agreement between Hamburg and Shanghai and the launch of the "Shanghai Express" has raised the two cities' cooperation to a new level, Wang told Xinhua.

"Hamburg's role as an important node in the 'Belt and Road' network has been further strengthened and the city will play an even more important role in the joint construction of the 'Belt and Road' in the future," she said.

According to Westhagemann, a direct connection between Hamburg and China, specifically between Hamburg and Shanghai, is especially needed and important considering the current problems in the logistics chain.

"Shanghai Express" represents a new milestone in the cooperation between Hamburg and Shanghai, as well as between Germany and China, which makes the launch of the first freight train so significant, he told Xinhua.

极客公园创新大会 IF 2022,早鸟票开售了!******引言。大家深圳市见!



第一件事,是 IF 交流会重回线下推广。








12 月 17 日,深圳市见。

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